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Tag: night

Endless Thoughts 

  Midnight rain pounding against the window.  Dreams withering beneath the heft of nightmares.  Endless thoughts of despair feeding insomnia’s greed.  Tomorrow refuses to wait for the sun.  Wishing these […]

Darkest Night

She ponders The bewilderment He left at her doorstep. Poignant recollections… Noticing him Staring at desire With a cynical glare. Refusing to notice Its exquisiteness Darkened by that which hides […]


  Indelible notions tattooed upon Porous pages along the spine of life, Seeping arcane words; Conjuring imaginations, Anesthetized prickling sensations Beneath the skin. Sleeping thoughts possessed, Rising from their grave; […]

Surrounded By The Night

Sitting across the table Sharing a quiet moment Tasting liquid goodness From one steamy cup Staring at her face Hoping to catch a glimpse Within her thoughts Tempted by imaginations […]