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Tag: night


  My spirit held captive, as I listened to the rain; reflections of an inhabitant, emotions speckled on the pane. A night of contemplation, soul-searching restlessness; tormented by a raven, […]

I Am

The darkness seeks to devour the light. I felt the wind and believed it was the breath of God; the presence unseen. For six days, the hands of man work […]


Morning light strays Across her weary eyes; Feelings quietly disappeared Along with the night. Her hand touches Abandoned sheets Emptiness scars her soul. Unable to face the sun, She lays […]


Indigo night sky Dims away The day’s aggravation. Stars soporific twinkle Calm the mind’s frustration. Moonlight shines comfort Erasing disappointment. Air from the four winds Breathes life Into a weary […]