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Tag: Nightmares


Dreamt of scene; Panic within a familiar place. All of the exits locked. Trust in the unfamiliar; A different path of escape.


Waking to a dimly lit sunrise Smiling at the hope of promise Day darkens quickly Shadows pummel a shaken spirit Seeking salvation in the darkness Falling towards despair Lying within […]


Remembering the eulogy, on this cold and frosty morning. Mental inscriptions along the glass reflections. Those remnants held tightly are the dismal connections to unpleasant memories. Cuts and abrasions of […]

Dead Ends

Where will this road pick up again? I should seek a different path, regardless of the terrain. When will the sun smile on my horizon? If I can’t have the […]


It was a simple assignment. I wasn’t supposed to stay very long. They said the chaos and frustrations were only temporary. A maddening predicament. They took my trust. In the […]


I remember the day, The words etched in stone. Breathe. I remember the quiet, The air remaining still. Breathe. I remember the moment, The calm before the storm.

Eve O’Lution

We spoke on misguided terms. A journey planned without regards. Your visit is a guilt trip. That scheming play on words. You are a deceitful woman. Believing we couldn’t see […]


Gaining an hour on the eve of darkness; my fatigue becoming unsolvable. Even with sleep aids, I spend the night tossing and turning. The aches and pain are enough to […]


Lost at this place of twilight; this house desires to be a home. Walking along these haunted halls. Shadows rise from nonexistent light; wicked storms torment the dreams. De ja […]


Deja vu staring through the window. Demons keeping me awake at night, Whispering their spells. The contempt of nostalgia. Tears trapped in the well; Wishing for release from captivity. Trying […]

Created Equal

Our days numbered by man; our moments riddled with despair. We can’t run from our past; we can’t hide from our present. We walk in the shadow of death; we’re […]


Her face resembles beauty Born from cosmic light Her eyes convey a darkness Seeking selfish pleasure He remembers Very little about her Poignant emotions riding waves Painful sensations now unrecognized […]


The weird dreams Have become a part of me; To be or not to be. There are some things I wish to change, Some things on my mind I need […]