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Tag: Poem

Daylight Ending

The experts say that the next few weeks will be our darkest moments yet-a disappointing prediction with all this mounting debt. I decided not to go to the pumpkin orchard; […]

Waning into the Night

It’s been a long time; people come and go with ease. With each new acquaintance, I find a piece of familiarity to the one no longer around. The world has […]


A time to decide;the misery for tomorrow. The lesser of two evils;despising the one,and distrusting the other. A choice of fools;the fuckery of states.

Closed for Business

The unforgettable aftermath;some warn it is not over. Here I am, lookingfor that second chance;all I see are the opportunitiesreserved for others. The sky is getting cloudy.My faith testedas I […]