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Tag: Poetic

Fear the Walking Dead

“If it happens then, it will happen quickly.” It starts with horror inside and abandoned church that escalates into a waking nightmare for everyone in Los Angeles, California.  Like an […]


Quiet hour, laying nestled beneath imaginations. Her head resting upon his memories, the faint scent of affection still lingers. Recalling each frame that formed their moments, feeling the sensations that […]

Lethal Weapon

Sentences like shots fired Aimed at those who are different, focused, inspired. Sounds of violence heard Destruction of life by mere words. Hope is drained from their veins, Innocent emotions […]

Taken Away By The Storm

I watched her sleep, captivated by her beauty.  She looked like an angel in the early morning light, my angel, and my sunshine.  Her big brown eyes opened as my […]