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Tag: Poetic

Fading Away

Traveling Roads; Hope misguided Becoming lost. Believing Answers; Faith misplaced, Becoming lonely. Seeking Purpose; Chance misrepresented, Becoming empty. Body broken, Mind weary, Spirit contrite. A brittle existence. Shattering Into dust; […]

Stained Glass

Fingerprints, On my window, Reflecting Stained glass Randomness Blurring The light of day. Like frosted Memories, Reaching out From my past, Seeking to touch My psyche One last time.

Broken Window

A young woman spent Many years behind a window Guarding her fragility Until one day The glass breaks from A single tear drop Exposing her loneliness As each day Different […]

Shaded Memories

Resentment spiraling A night in disarray Passion draped against Thirsty lips dehydrated From a body deprived Fingers trail along The lines of absence Essence hides behind The cover of excuses […]