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Tag: Poetic

Guided Steps

Walking, The motion of time Dawdling Within its seconds. Seeing, The brilliance of life Surrounding The obscurity of purpose. Feeling, The presence of truth Guiding The steps of this Wandering […]


Indigo night sky Dims away The day’s aggravation. Stars soporific twinkle Calm the mind’s frustration. Moonlight shines comfort Erasing disappointment. Air from the four winds Breathes life Into a weary […]

Black and White

She sits within The dimly lit room Leaning her head back Upon the barren wall Oxygen mingles with The white smoke Pushed from her lips Floating cascades of Spiraling contemplation […]

Tears on My Skin

The melody of your voice hard to hear in the distance the sound quiets gradually vanishing into the blowing wind The image of your body becomes lost with time as […]