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Tag: Poetic

Every Time It Rains

It is raining… Rain drops rekindle tragic memories; thoughts of a situation that should not have been. Lightning exposes my soul; revealing the secrets kept within. Thunder announces my deepest […]

Sands of Time

Moments resting on desperation; Heat and perspiration Seeking an angel’s forgiveness. The hourglass is broken, Grains of precious sand Slipping between our fingers. Yesterday is all we remember. The day […]

Fade to Black

At the sun’s early dawning, She wakes him with “good morning”. Her smile is all he needs to see. Not wanting each other to leave, They spend the day together. […]

Half Empty Glass

His memories triggered, In momentary sequence, Through reflections Within a half empty glass. Her presence acknowledged By the scent of perfume; Gaze now drawn towards Her body’s silhouette. Her beauty […]