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Tag: poetry


Waves washing gently upon the shores; cloudy printed sky. I keep thinking about her toes, in the sand. Dawn becoming dusk; seeing the moonlight on the sea. She left me […]

Every Time It Rains

It is raining… Rain drops rekindle tragic memories; thoughts of a situation that should not have been. Lightning exposes my soul; revealing the secrets kept within. Thunder announces my deepest […]


This beautiful doppelgänger from a twisted era, arrived beneath the harvest moon. Pheromones of fond memories mingling with the taste of bad dreams; the breath of life deceiving death for […]

Sands of Time

Moments resting on desperation; Heat and perspiration Seeking an angel’s forgiveness. The hourglass is broken, Grains of precious sand Slipping between our fingers. Yesterday is all we remember. The day […]