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Tag: prose

Finding My Way Back

A couple of weeks ago, I set up my drafting table and put together all of my art supplies.  This space is becoming my sanctuary; a place where I am getting […]

First Aid

At each point in time, I am cast into the deep forced to live or die by my own efforts. For a long time, I was afraid to ask for […]


Another beginning to reach a new day; a moment to live within something special. Nothing, the absence of truth; the blistering rush of emotions has left me void of sensations.  […]


Woke up to a cold Autumn morning; The sunrise was hours away. Sleep wanted me to stay in bed, Thoughts of the moment denied its desire. A routine that was […]

Inside Out

Wiley are the ways. Thoughts of a perfect ending are the illusion. Our imperfections are the unspoken truths. The things we do contradict the things we plan. Our mistakes often […]

Beginning of the End

The year 2017 is an “eye-opener.” I hoped the world around me would change if I gave it more time. I gave it another year, and the level of depreciation […]


Feeling the ripples of perplexity, so many hands pushing in a different direction. There is no simple solution, whether to fight the currents or go with the flow. The improvement […]


Gaining an hour on the eve of darkness; my fatigue becoming unsolvable. Even with sleep aids, I spend the night tossing and turning. The aches and pain are enough to […]


You no longer have a place to belong and fit in. We both know you never really did. They get inside your head to rattle you Taking away the comfort […]


A piece of a puzzle; it is minuscule, misshapen and distorted.  It only wants to fulfill a meaningful space on the table.  The influence of insensitivity forced its conformation toward […]


I haven’t slept much lately; my body wants a break but my mind keeps on working.  A lot of thoughts about everything; a lot of problems without solving anything. My […]

Good Day

I did not see the total solar eclipse; rain and thunder filled the sky. I spent the day with good company and a good sandwich. It was a good day.

Numbers Game

The game of chance populating the numbers that create an objective; the cyclical nature of business, the sum of its intricate parts. Those mathematical equations of profit becomes the toys […]

Summer of ’17

Summer is nearing its end.  The moments captured were memorable in a painful kind of way.  I learned several things about life and about myself.   It was bitter-sweet and I […]


Cloudy skies whisper the promise of rain. Someone shows the slightest bit of interest, raising our hopes and creating sweet expectations. Is there any depth to the sentiment? Was it […]

Life and Death

I remember the time when I longed for death… the conversation with a loved one that started as joke. We stared at a mess she made; the overwhelming clutter of […]