An Art of War

‘In order to create, one must first destroy.’   This video is about the outcome of a business managed by friendship.  It is clear that friendships have no solid place within business partnerships. Read Welfare Checks to get the background behind this video. Check out Social Blade to see the comparison between the YouTube Channels.  Chris Jones has both “Physiques Of Greatness” and “The Beastmode Training” … Continue reading An Art of War

Welfare Checks

I am watching what was once a very entertaining YouTube fitness channel called “Physiques of Greatness” also known as “POG”.  I enjoyed watching Chris Jones and Vince G. promote bodybuilding, answering questions, and their occasional shenanigans.  Overtime, they created shirts (like most fitness YouTubers) and got into the supplement manufacturing game. So… Vince dropped out of the scene for a while, two years according to … Continue reading Welfare Checks