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Tag: Rain


Rain and fog; this gloomy saturation permeating my warm flesh. Expectation registered an inaccurate forecast.

Autumn Dance

Urban ballet in the fall music within the umber leaves rainfall gives applause. ——– Limping gingerly; movement refusing tip-toes Doctor Scholl’s are nice.


We felt the rain; sentiment drenched in humidity. The storm uncontained; becomes beautiful chaos in the sky.


Listening to the late summer rain; the humid rhythm speaking melody late into the evening.


An unsettling presence lingering.  Rain continues falling; the forecasts contradict the reality.  The unwanted saturation.  The mood a morning fog.  The unexpected moments washing away pieces of the soul. 

Out There

I put myself out there, leaving the comfort of familiarity. The population is oblivious to my presence. I am at a crossroad, standing in the shadow of conflict. The ground […]


It’s happening again; these wayward feelings seeking comfort in the night. Listening to the rain beckoning a return to dreams; expectations whispering in our ears. These long summer nights are […]

Waiting for the Storm

  She shares a promise That her life Will be different Nobody believes Her words She is humiliated By their laughter And ridicule Despair produces Her tears She waits for […]

Pot of Gold

We despise the sunset; the night taunts our sanity. Twilight beckons our slumber; we are not ready to sleep.   We seek the sunrise; the day pretends to matter. Gusting […]


An open window reveals a chilling breeze; yep, it’s cold outside. The air chaps lips and hands; rough to touch. The familiar smell of precipitation precedes a tear drop. The […]


His sulky incarnation finds her Dancing in the rain. Her eyes reveal invitation, his longing Fingers pattern casual touches Along her soft strands of hair; Catching that feeling of kindness, […]

Subtle Hint

A new equinox rests upon the horizon; it seemed like it would never arrive. The touch of a cool breeze upon the nape of my neck. Sending a chill along […]


The morning smells like rain…again. There are some things that stay in question, mostly bitter-sweet sentiments masked as joy and happiness; it is funny how the straight and narrow road […]


  My spirit held captive, as I listened to the rain; reflections of an inhabitant, emotions speckled on the pane. A night of contemplation, soul-searching restlessness; tormented by a raven, […]


Torrential rain, downpour, torturous drops saturating the psyche. Flooding with psychosis. Thoughts flowing, searching for stability; keeping reason from drowning within insanity. Tears drip, mingling among the drizzle, as the […]