Review: The Umbrella Academy 2

The Hargreeves have returned. Netflix released season 2 of "The Umbrella Academy." The story picks up from last season's finale, where the kids escape the apocalypse thanks to Five teleporting them back in time. Each member goes back to the 1960s, roughly one year apart from 1960 to 1963. The apparent plot is stopping another … Continue reading Review: The Umbrella Academy 2

Review: The Exorcist – Season Two

Lamb mutations, Kamikaze birds, Vatican assassin's, a priest mind-melding with a demon, and psychosomatic delusions are the context of The Exorcist so far.  The show appears to have three connecting story arcs. The "Lion" and the "Cub" Marcus and Tomas, are on the run from the Catholic Church. Marcus is still teaching Tomas the ways … Continue reading Review: The Exorcist – Season Two