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Tag: seasons

Shadows and Seasons

Shadows of the past greet a fading patriarch sitting upon the fragile seat of the present. A season void of exuberance leaving his “inner child” huddled beneath an undressed tree […]


The rapid procession of seasons; the dripping beads of morning dew upon the fall leaves. The breath of Winter on my back; the late evening shadows waiting to taunt me. […]

Whiskey Memoirs

Morning light through Shuttered blinds Sitting hidden Within obscurity. Memories flickering Like an 8mm film; Handwritten notes Creating mementos Within a musty journal. Ticks of the clock Grow silent; Eyes […]

Patiently Waiting

Morning light obscured by the frosted memories; time carries no sympathy for the remorse of seconds traveling within my shivering hands. I dream of sleep. Attempting to free my mind […]