Remembering the eulogy, on this cold and frosty morning. Mental inscriptions along the glass reflections. Those remnants held tightly are the dismal connections to unpleasant memories. Cuts and abrasions of reopened wounds that refuse to heal. Spirits returning from the old days. The mind is a broken coffin. It is difficult to let the dead … Continue reading Sarcophagus

Patiently Waiting

Morning light obscured by the frosted memories; time carries no sympathy for the remorse of seconds traveling within my shivering hands. I dream of sleep. Attempting to free my mind of thoughts by staring at the sunless horizon. Taunted by clichés; these menageries clouding the moment. I long for sustenance. The refrigerator is full of … Continue reading Patiently Waiting


The night consumed by silence; presence has disappeared with the days. Sleep becomes the hope; the heart absorbs what the mind could not endure. The air becomes cold and heavy upon the lungs; the pillows stained from someone's tears. Death appears in a dream; unspeakable words echoes in the darkness. The morning sun casting faint … Continue reading Haunted


Nightmares confuse my days! My body aches from the constant push of collecting demands. Yeah, some heavy shit needs to fall off my shoulders; the weight of monkeys hanging on my kindness. That feeling of suffocation, crowded by the overpopulation of intrusive minds. I offer a sacrifice for a momentary reprieve; realizing I must shake the … Continue reading Sanctuary