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Tag: Summer

End of Days

The heat of unexpected delimmas begin to subside. The waves no longer crashing on this broken frame. Those moments of misleading portrayals and righteous denials, forgiven. Daylight is starting to […]


September rain washing away the dust. The autumn breeze clearing away the summer clouds. My horizon descends quickly towards supplication. I think of the last sunset; watching the indigo ink […]


Another change presentedMake a wish at this momentWe won't say goodbye

A Fun Weekend

Despite the fact that our air-conditioner stopped working at home this weekend, we made the most of our weekend.


It’s happening again; these wayward feelings seeking comfort in the night. Listening to the rain beckoning a return to dreams; expectations whispering in our ears. These long summer nights are […]

Until Dawn

Sleepless light from A silver moon, Thoughts besieged by Whispering voices Rustling against the thickets; Calling upon the Muse to Christen this summer night.

Brightest Day

Monday morning and early, I rise approaching the brightest day. I long for the Summer Solstice and the sunlight in my eyes.


I have forgotten the smell of spring rain; the birth of joy a distant memory. Cherry blossoms fell like snow; trampled by the feet of dockets. I was burned by […]

Fresh Sand

Salt air Clearing away obscurity Revealing a lost love Waiting on jagged stones Dulled by her patience Her endless adoration Flowing like ocean waves Crashing against my soul Wanting winds […]

The Door

Summer is slipping toward reminiscence. Moments no longer held tightly. The days are nothing but mist upon the glass. The sunlight no longer burns brightly. Listening to the tides; the […]