Late into the night, we waited for things to transpire. A moment to restore our faith. Sleep brought about temptation. Holding on to the hope of light, in complete darkness.

This morning, the sunrise was absent of sunlight. The sky is dull and gray. “Joy comes in the morning,” words spoken by the optimist. We cannot see tomorrow, but we can see the change.

Tender Eyes


Waiting for the morning
to break this endless night.
The seconds prolong
this enticing desire.

I long to touch
your beautiful face;
to see the sunrise
in your tender eyes.

Tomorrow is far away;
sleepless excitement magnifies
this excruciating wait.

I long to kiss
your beautiful lips;
to see your smile
light up the sky.

Whiskey Memoirs


Morning light through
Shuttered blinds
Sitting hidden
Within obscurity.

Memories flickering
Like an 8mm film;
Handwritten notes
Creating mementos
Within a musty journal.

Ticks of the clock
Grow silent;
Eyes fixated on
The bottle of Wild Turkey.

Only the aroma remains.

Raising a toast,
With an empty glass,
Towards happiness
Recently snatched away.

Replaced with the burdens
Of a curse that remain


14FOB-wwln-t_CA0-articleLarge (1)

Morning light strays
Across her weary eyes;
Feelings quietly disappeared
Along with the night.

Her hand touches
Abandoned sheets
Emptiness scars her soul.

Unable to face the sun,
She lays her head upon
Satin memories as
His scent upon her pillow
Reminds her of the reason
To smile.



I have forgotten the
smell of spring rain; the
birth of joy
a distant memory.

Cherry blossoms
fell like snow;
trampled by the feet of

I was burned
by the heat of summer;
my body branded “a fool”.

The muscle in my chest
dried out; love consumed
by a lasting drought.

I was touched
by the autumn breeze;
my mind could not comprehend.

The nerves beneath my skin
deadened by time;
humanity evaporated
by the constant abuse.

I tilt my head away
From the sunrise; waiting
for the sunset.

Winter is coming;
I will be left
out in the cold.

1st Monday – October

The first Monday of October 2015 and the morning sunrise halted by a thunderstorm.  I did not sleep well last night so, the pattern of poor sleep pickups where it left off on Friday.  Today was “Leg” day, my 3:00 a.m. workout went well, and I am down three pounds from a week ago.  It is surprising to see the number of views on my YouTube video “Welfare Checks” (  It’s raining, constantly, flash-flood warnings every thirty minutes.  My mood is blasé and the dark, gloomy Monday is not helping.

However, tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for sunshine so, there is at least a bright side.