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Tag: sunrise

Pot of Gold

We despise the sunset; the night taunts our sanity. Twilight beckons our slumber; we are not ready to sleep.   We seek the sunrise; the day pretends to matter. Gusting […]

Tender Eyes

Waiting for the morning to break this endless night. The seconds prolong this enticing desire. I long to touch your beautiful face; to see the sunrise in your tender eyes. Tomorrow […]

Whiskey Memoirs

Morning light through Shuttered blinds Sitting hidden Within obscurity. Memories flickering Like an 8mm film; Handwritten notes Creating mementos Within a musty journal. Ticks of the clock Grow silent; Eyes […]


Morning light strays Across her weary eyes; Feelings quietly disappeared Along with the night. Her hand touches Abandoned sheets Emptiness scars her soul. Unable to face the sun, She lays […]