Review: Supernatural “Moriah”

Season 14 – Episode 14 titled “Moriah” set the tone for season 15. Sam, Dean, and Castiel feel the repercussion for lying to Jack and putting him in the Malek box. Jack’s ability to escape the inescapable shows the Winchesters just how powerful he is and the threat-level he is becoming. Team Free-Will go on the hunt to find him. God, a.k.a. Chuck, meets them … Continue reading Review: Supernatural “Moriah”

Review: Supernatural Season 13 Episode 1 “Lost and Found”

Well, this episode pickups where we left off.  Lucifer and Mary trapped on the other side of the rift, Crowley is dead, Castiel is dead, and Jack, the son of Lucifer, is born.  Jack is not a baby but a post-adolescent male.  Sam wants to help Jack while Dean wants t kill them.  Jack escapes, and the Winchesters end up having to track him down.  … Continue reading Review: Supernatural Season 13 Episode 1 “Lost and Found”

Review: Supernatural “Devil in the Details”

“Snapping necks and cashing checks, it’s what I do.” – Lucifer I watched the mid-season première of Supernatural.   It starts with Dean attempting to reach Sam by cell-phone while driving back to where Amara’s fight with the host of angels.  Dean gets sick and spews his breakfast.  Castiel finds Dean on the side of the road.  Telling Dean that he has “angel smite sickness”, he … Continue reading Review: Supernatural “Devil in the Details”


I watched an exotic woman inhaling the heat of a burning cigarette; she stood in front of her natural silhouette blowing eclectic rings of smoke into the early morning light. Her eyes remained closed; her body upright and motionless. The unfiltered vapors of  thought, transforming manifestations from the incantations of familiar frustrations. She summoned calmness from the root of nicotine; the stillness of her presence conjured Serenity from the … Continue reading Seance