Review: Deadpool Movie

It's sort of a relief to report that Ryan Reynolds is finally coming into his own, superhero-wise, in Deadpool.

Today, I watched the Deadpool movie and it was great.  The opening credits were brilliant; no proper names just descriptions and images such as a Starbucks coffee cup with the name “Rob L” written on it and the picture of Green Lantern falling out of someone’s wallet.

tumblr_nsmcsbrSn71qa4esho1_500The opening credits also displayed images familiar to the first trailer, the highway fight and devastation scene.  Deadpool riding in the cab and giving Dopinder the cabbie advise on getting his girl back from his handsome and treacherous cousin; Deadpool paying the cab fare with a crisp high-five.   Looking for “Francis”, forgetting his bag of weapons and taking down a mob of hench men with only twelve bullets and two samurai swords.

1371926616777306000Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, gets into a relationship, gets cancer, gets horribly mutated and he gets a healing factor.  Deadpool wants his face back and when his girl gets kidnapped, he wants her back too.  This is supposed to be a love story and a horror story.  There is a lot of graphic violence, gratuitous sex, and full frontal nudity, which is fitting for this R-rated film.  Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool pretending to be Ryan Reynolds.  The telling of his origin via flashbacks is a great way to get those unfamiliar with is character up to speed.  tumblr_nsla3yxqO71twgs7qo1_500There is a moment when Deadpool is breaking the fourth wall within breaking the fourth wall.  Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (…what the sh*t…that’s a cool name), Weasel, and Blind Al are great supporting cast and plucky comic relief.  Stan Lee does a cameo appearance in the most unexpected way.

643652f0-ace2-0133-b34c-0e438b3b98d1The pace, action, and character development across the story arc was great.  The plot was clear and the scenes connected well.  Given the nature of the film’s adult content, I was uncomfortable for the parents who took their pre-teens to see this movie.  I liked this film a lot and I look forward to the second Deadpool movie featuring Cable.

P.S. it is wise to stay until the end of the closing credits for a little Deadpool bonus…just saying.