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Category: Creative Writing


There is a dark rift between us. It forces our journey along a circular path—footprints from the weight of frustrations. We struggle to bridge the gap. Once, we reconciled our […]


Time is moving toward the vastness of nothingness—light vanishing at the unseen endpoint. So much, emptiness; my thoughts do not want to be alone.


He wrote something personal; scribbles of incoherent ramblings. She stumbled upon the sans script and immediately felt connected.


I’m afraid of the things lurking around the corner. Their presence identified by ominous shadows. I’m frightened of my inability to survive the onslaught. There is nothing but the impending […]


Investments once tied to efforts. The moment subtly changed; promises nothing but a faint whisper. Our labor now has no value; we do the work in vain.

Blank Space

The absence of sustenance is becoming permanent. Hope is no longer on the table. My world feels hollow; the emptiness is toxic contamination.


It iIt is ending. I wasted time looking for the next opportunity—so many calls, begging. I hoped for a quick fix to prevent our collapse. Faith rejected by email. Here […]


Her heart pines for another opportunity to change the way she feels, accepting what has happened and wishing it never did. A sweet remembrance and forsaken chalice, her thoughts sink […]


Once, a woman described happiness as the point of illusion, a subconscious reason to live. She began longing for a mature relationship, falling for this man because he met her […]

In the Echo

I am pondering the meaning of so much destruction in so little time, touching the spirits of mindful watchers gazing at the signs of the last days. The end of […]


Eyesight losing its reception of colors once profound. Images are becoming black and white, dulled by the perceptions of gray.

Oval Shaped

People are dying from a disease, foolish delight with a handful of oval-shaped beans.

Bad Tale

It’s the start of the third act; the story is approaching a devastating turning point. The tale is so unbelievable and poorly written; we laughed ourselves to tears.


I walked along the dusty path; I lost my sense of direction. I crossed many boundaries, quietly and unnoticed. There were so many broken fences along the way—too many for […]


The needs of the few outweighed the needs of the many. An imbalance has cracked the foundation of our sanity. The world is ending—our grinding for purpose destroyed by healthy […]

Beach Front

It’s the weekend, and the beach is closed. All we can think about are surf and sand-castles. Let’s go; no one has to know. No one will see us swimming […]