Review: Doctor Strange

On Saturday, I watched the film “Doctor Strange”.  It was a long wait since the first trailer preview aired months ago and well worth it.  This movie defines a key turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as magic and… Read More ›

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  • Hour


    Hour cast in darkness; Fear of the falling rain. Feeling the touch of The unseen’s Warmth of kindness; Wishing to know its name.

  • Once


    Sitting along the edge of a busy afternoon. Wishing to feel the warmth of sunlight Through the dirty window; That feeling of hope on the other side of the impasse. Once it rained for days; The sky and oceans fought… Read More ›

  • Concealed


    Distance, significant, placed Between here and then; Footprints remain deep Along the path. Glistening sunrise Giving birth to Whimsical imaginations; Concealing her face Beneath the misty shade.

  • A Sip


    Taking a sip from The cup of infatuation Slowly feeling the buzz of Drunken absurdity

  • 2017


    A cup empty from The absence of commitment; A heart once punctured Now unbreakable.

  • Era


    Gods and Goddesses walk among us. Betrayal delivered as gifts from above. The sacrifice of beating hearts given in exchange for very dark places. Their daily debauchery deemed desirable in the minds of their people; the eyes and ears receive… Read More ›