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Tag: Thoughts

Sleepy Eyes

I struggle to open my eyes. My mind is sleepy; my thoughts are tired. The storms become depressions. We hear the same things over-and-over. From one equinox to another, every […]


My feelings are erratic; I find myself concerned and complacent with the unpredictable future. My cup remains empty; the dust of rejection is poisoning my sanity. A broken mirror cursed […]

Things Change | Every Moment is a Story

It is in September the clock has lost its seconds. Nothing has gone well, and I feel immensely overwhelmed. The thought of losing everything I spent 30 years working for […]

Bad Juju

August has been a weird vibe; something tormented my spirit. Heavy anguish fills the air, the pressure of atmospheric despair. Emotions are rolling on the twisted landscape. We are on […]