Review: Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse

I watched the film, Spiderman into the Spiderverse.  This is a Miles Morales origin story that delves into the “great power…great responsibility” plot but from multiple perspectives.  Miles comes from a loving family that wants the best for him.  Unexpected situations force him to save his universe with the help of Spidermen from the multiverse.  Every hero experiences a loss, which is their motivation to … Continue reading Review: Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse


Decades of reflection and despair; the roots of emptiness exposed for consumption.  I can still taste the bitterness.  The insanity of life replicating these tortuous moments.  I find myself huddling within the same circles.  Passive aggression weakens toward passive avoidance.  There are many roads yet, the storm always lingers at the horizon.  Maybe, it is time for acceptance instead of coaxing this urge to run. Continue reading Steadfast


It takes one bad experience to leave a negative impression; the year 2018 contained a plethora of moments covered in darkness and angst. It is relentlessly delivering failures and disappointments. The summit of difficulty; the success infrequent. Pushed by people to achieve their idea of a potential that holds no interest for me. The moments are different and yet nothing has changed. It is difficult … Continue reading Survival