Tested Moments

Every day is the same; the seconds have stopped ticking. Moments are testing the strength of sanity. This incarceration for the sake of health is inciting desperation, looking for stability […]

Review: The Umbrella Academy 2

The Hargreeves have returned. Netflix released season 2 of “The Umbrella Academy.” The story picks up from last season’s finale, where the kids escape the apocalypse thanks to Five teleporting […]


These days of isolation have exposed my critical flaws. I spent time reflecting, seeking to understand who I am—my state of being still undefined. I wish that I took the […]


There is a dark rift between us. It forces our journey along a circular path—footprints from the weight of frustrations. We struggle to bridge the gap. Once, we reconciled our […]


Time is moving toward the vastness of nothingness—light vanishing at the unseen endpoint. So much, emptiness; my thoughts do not want to be alone.

Learning Curve

I have spent my life surviving. In my childhood, I ran from bullies, endured ridicule, and studied to keep my parents happy. As an adult, I served during the Persian […]

Review: Comic-Con At Home 2020

In July 2017, I attended San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). My bucket list came true. Unfortunately, I did not have a pleasant experience. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I perceived, […]


Fifteen years ago, I wrote a screenplay—my first project as a writer. I submitted it to a few contests and a couple of agencies and received an overwhelming rejection. I […]


He wrote something personal; scribbles of incoherent ramblings. She stumbled upon the sans script and immediately felt connected.


I’m afraid of the things lurking around the corner. Their presence identified by ominous shadows. I’m frightened of my inability to survive the onslaught. There is nothing but the impending […]


Investments once tied to efforts. The moment subtly changed; promises nothing but a faint whisper. Our labor now has no value; we do the work in vain.

Blank Space

The absence of sustenance is becoming permanent. Hope is no longer on the table. My world feels hollow; the emptiness is toxic contamination.


It iIt is ending. I wasted time looking for the next opportunity—so many calls, begging. I hoped for a quick fix to prevent our collapse. Faith rejected by email. Here […]

Socially Weird

The other night, I had a dream. It started with me in a hotel room; I was watching some game-trivia channel. I was answering the questions and didn’t realize everyone […]


Her heart pines for another opportunity to change the way she feels, accepting what has happened and wishing it never did. A sweet remembrance and forsaken chalice, her thoughts sink […]


Once, a woman described happiness as the point of illusion, a subconscious reason to live. She began longing for a mature relationship, falling for this man because he met her […]


A woman solicited me for an opportunity; she did not provide details but wanted to set up a phone call or Zoom session. I ignored the request because it didn’t […]