Time is up. It should never have gone this long. We crossed the threshold of no return. There are days when my sarcasm takes over; my psyche is coming to […]

Lost Inside

I continue to have these dreams. I am wandering in an office building; sometimes, I am looking for a meeting or a conference room, or searching for my desk. There […]

The Pressure

I went to the dealership for an oil change; they wanted to rotate my tires. There was no need to do that; I had someone more reliable. They allegedly changed […]


The calligraphy etched in our skin tells a poignant story; the art we sometimes forget. Our pain is a moment and a memory. I caught a glimpse of the sky […]


Obstacles formed from the elements;crafted in the heat of chaos,poured upon sleepless thoughts. A mind ignores the pressures;a heart turns away from fear.