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Tag: night

Quiet Moment

A quiet moment within the summer night. The sound of cicadas breaking the silence. Crickets are playing hymns of forgotten songs. I remember the stories my mother used to tell. […]

Dead Ends

Where will this road pick up again? I should seek a different path, regardless of the terrain. When will the sun smile on my horizon? If I can’t have the […]

Rest in Peace

I did not sleep well. I dreamt of the unfamiliar. Darkness for hours. Silence into the morning. I miss seeing the sunrise.


Tiny snowflakes; gentle kisses. Wishing for eternity. Sobering chill of the night.

Simple Finale

The thought of growing old in this world concerns me.  This life of constant judgment and turmoil is not my Utopia.  We are left with the maddening ways of an untoward […]


Listening to the tides; Beneath the clear night sky as the fire dies. Dissipating imaginations rise but something stokes the flames and the fire burns hot again.


It’s happening again; these wayward feelings seeking comfort in the night. Listening to the rain beckoning a return to dreams; expectations whispering in our ears. These long summer nights are […]

Scorpio Night

A moment brings us back to this place. Another sleepless night, painting thoughts on the ceiling. Sentiments resting on convenience. A touch of venom on the tongue a release of […]

Created Equal

Our days numbered by man; our moments riddled with despair. We can’t run from our past; we can’t hide from our present. We walk in the shadow of death; we’re […]

Until Dawn

Sleepless light from A silver moon, Thoughts besieged by Whispering voices Rustling against the thickets; Calling upon the Muse to Christen this summer night.

Restless Night

I did not sleep well last night. My mind, racing, thoughts of work and weird dreams; attempting to find reasons within these ill-fated scenarios. These expectations cut me like a […]

Pot of Gold

We despise the sunset; the night taunts our sanity. Twilight beckons our slumber; we are not ready to sleep.   We seek the sunrise; the day pretends to matter. Gusting […]


The loss of time disrupts the beauty of sleep.  History continues repeating moments that we want to forget.  We listen to the whispers of the past echoing against the subconscious walls. […]

Endless Thoughts 

  Midnight rain pounding against the window.  Dreams withering beneath the heft of nightmares.  Endless thoughts of despair feeding insomnia’s greed.  Tomorrow refuses to wait for the sun.  Wishing these […]