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Tag: Haiku


The demonstrations Contradict expectations. Change the vibrations.


We were wandering; Journey we made, complicated. New path, simplified.


Colorless morning Touch of Deja Vu Thoughtfulness remains

Crimson Light

Sudden winds disrupt the night. Cosmic spectacle; Wish beneath the crimson light.


Sunshine’s reflection Likeable; unpopular That beautiful smile.

Au Courant

Late night empty moon; Twilight revealing nothing. It is not over.


Marooned beneath the clouds Finally, the rain subsides; Embracing the sun. ———- Riding gentle flows Surrender to the motion Peace over the falls


Tiny windows; Thoughts distracted. Knowledge failing; Day’s reaction. Devils lurking; sunlight blinding. Expectations.

Loose Lips

Speaking amidst the contemplation. Vocalizing our sincerest delights beneath the quilt of amendments. Priceless thoughts; our true life. Accounting for every word given. War poisoned our ideals. Vocabulary twisted unequivocally; […]

A Way Out

Walking; sun’s shining Things got dark pretty quickly. The hole’s not that deep.


Seek and hope to find Chance of precipitation We shall overcome


Slept a little longer; The morning seemed a little brighter. It’s a sunshine day.


Looking back so many times; wishing the moment was different. Cleaning all the filthy spaces.


Letting go of things; removing the obstacles that won’t let me change.