Summer of ’17

Summer is nearing its end.  The moments captured were memorable in a painful kind of way.  I learned several things about life and about myself.   It was bitter-sweet and I have no regrets.   Some investments were necessary in order to gain knowledge from the experience. Visitors The visit from my relatives could have gone … Continue reading Summer of ’17

San Diego Comic Con 2017 – The Experience

The San Diego Comic Con was my bucket list moment.  I waited four years for the opportunity to go.  When I received my comic con badge, I had to pinch myself because I was finally in.  When we arrived in San Diego, a day early, we walked around the outside of the Convention Center and … Continue reading San Diego Comic Con 2017 – The Experience

Amazing Moments

 AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON 2017 Saturday, June 24, 2017, we spent the day attending the Amazing Comic Con in Las Vegas. It was a fun day as we got to see some cool stuff from vendors around the country, comic store owners, pop culture, cosplay fans. We attended some very cool panels by amazing … Continue reading Amazing Moments

Outside the Box

There are people who recommend making yourself vulnerable.  Putting yourself "out there" is not an easy action for introverts like me.  At one time I did not believe in opening up to people; I always saw it as the tactical disadvantage.  To me, it was a way of exposing a weakness to anyone wanting to … Continue reading Outside the Box

The “Recruiter”

This is a've been warned. On January 6, 2017,  I received a communication from a technical recruiter.  He said there was a position that looked like a good fit for me based on my information posted online.  He requested I update my resume to display certain aspects that sell my many years of experience by … Continue reading The “Recruiter”


Earlier today, my family and I went to watch the film "Jason Bourne" at a local casino.  We arrived at the casino, parked and proceeded inside to the theater.  We took our seats and shortly afterwards the trailers began.  Suddenly, the casino's security sergeant approached us and let us know that someone they apprehended punched … Continue reading Broken

We Hold These Truths

I spent Independence Day weekend thinking and reflecting on the holiday and the history of the United States of America.  Remembering how, as a child, I loved traditions of fireworks, barbecues/cookouts, and the patriotism.  Today, there is not much nostalgia; even with our first African-American President of the United States, I do not feel connected with … Continue reading We Hold These Truths