My Delight

My thoughts, planted within our future; this vision of fulfillment taking away the pain of absence. Your silhouette wrapped in the sheets of a warm goodnight; the hope of tomorrow resting upon my chest. My imaginations once sustained me; paling in comparison to your soul next to mine. As you sleep, I am listening to … Continue reading My Delight

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Two of the most polarizing people in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were introduced to fans as members of the infamous "Shield".  Since the betrayal of Seth Rollins, they have become a strong individual talent that the fans love (Dean) and hate (Roman).  Recently, they have been reunited to take on … Continue reading Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Review: DeadPool vs. Thanos

Deadpool vs. Thanos, issue number one, created by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc, is the first part of a story about rivals and their love for Mistress Death.  It opens with Deadpool introducing himself along with Thanos, to the readers, let us know that they go way back and it is due to the love they … Continue reading Review: DeadPool vs. Thanos

The Door

Summer is slipping toward reminiscence. Moments no longer held tightly. The days are nothing but mist upon the glass. The sunlight no longer burns brightly. Listening to the tides; the mounting anguish along the shore. Limitations brought about frustrations; silently waiting for the knock upon the door.


The beginning and the end; an old tree fell in the midst of the forest, exposing the cracks of time. The epoch of wisdom within the rings; the wars, the winters, and the weeping. There is no sun nor rain just a eulogy spoken within the darkness; the hope among the seasons quickly passed away.

Beautiful Night

The darkness of an empty room comforted by the light of a halogen lamp.  Thoughts once intriguing now mundane, points of digression drawn unto random shapes on blank pages.  The allure of darkness.  Its mysteries wrapped in temptation, its lust corrupting a stewing identity.  Sharing a taste exposing the bland flavor of righteous light.  Inducing … Continue reading Beautiful Night

Another Day

Seeing so many years gone by and there are so many milestones yet to see. Expecting things to get easier but the challenges continue, with more difficulty, forcing me to reach deeper within myself. Discovering what I while wondering what I have left to give. Experiencing the trials of life never knowing what situations will … Continue reading Another Day

Secret Wars 2015 – Issue 5

This story continues where issue four climatically ended.  Battle World mourns the loss of Sheriff Strange and God Doom accuses the survivors of the final incursion of the murder.  "We live our lives by the choices we make."  In this issue, Doom secretly meets with Owen Reece (aka the Molecule Man) and we learn what happened … Continue reading Secret Wars 2015 – Issue 5

Review: The Man Without Fear

“Forgive me father, not for what I have done but for what I am about to do.” The devil confesses his sins; the preconceived transgressions that he will inflict on the demons of Hell’s Kitchen. “We get knocked down and we get back up…” He can take a beating…a lesson he learned from his father. … Continue reading Review: The Man Without Fear