Review: Batman #44


I read Batman issue number forty-four, written by Scott Snyder and pencilled by Brian Azzarello.  The story takes place post “Zero Year”.  Batman is investigating the murder of a teenage boy named Peter Duggio.  The rise of super villains is putting Gotham crime at its peak.  His leads take him to Oswald Cobblepot and uncovers the dirty deeds between the “exotic bird” and the Four-Five gang.  A veteran police officer at the wrong place at the wrong time ending with the death of a boy trying to save his father’s legacy.

The book delves deep into the social and political elements of crime and stereotypes, leading to the first activity of Mr Bloom (reference to the new villain introduced in Batman #43).  We see that Peter Duggio wanted to do the right thing and explored every road toward his goal which, led to his death.  So many people were at fault including Bruce Wayne and Batman.  Scott Snyder, as always, delivers a very skilful story.  “A Simple Case” reconnects Batman to his city;  placing a finger to the ground and “listening” to the message of Gotham City.

It is a must read for Batman fans.

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