Black and White


She sits within
The dimly lit room
Leaning her head back
Upon the barren wall

Oxygen mingles with
The white smoke
Pushed from her lips

Floating cascades of
Spiraling contemplation
Along the black shadows
Illuminating the dread
From a tainted past

Footsteps belonging to
Someone long forgotten
Traverse towards her
Momentary place of solitude

She feels the touch of
Trepidation along her nerves
Thoughts of escape
No longer exist

Embracing the inevitable danger
Her heart races
Anticipation clouds her mind
Suffocating her judgment

Her last exhale of
Misty carbon soon
Vanishes into the darkness
Leaving traces of hope

His form emerges
Into the fading light
To her delight
Embracing the warmth of
His daring salvation