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Review: The Walking Dead – “Thank You”

download (1)Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Thank You” continued the intensity and had an unexpected ending.

The episode opened with Rick’s group making their way back toward the Alexandria safe zone.  Right off the bat, one of the members gets bitten in the neck.  Rick knew some of them would not make it and gave Glenn and Michonne the order to keep moving regardless.  Rick goes solo to get an RV to cut off the scattered herd.  Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha must continue leading the herd away based on Rick’s plan, until Daryl decides to go renegade.

Michonne and Glenn lead their group towards the safe zone but not without casualties.  The inexperienced community members are more of a burden than assets.  They engage walkers in the woods.  One of them group members gets scared and runs off and another member gets bitten in the shoulder.  The group hobbles into an abandoned down.  Some of the herd make it to the same town, forcing the group to hide in an abandoned pet store.  Glenn comes up with a dangerous plan to distract the herd.  Nicholas decides to help him.

the-walking-dead-episode-603-rick-lincoln-pre-1600x600Rick continues running toward the RV to complete his plan.  He engages three walkers along the way.  Back at the abandoned pet store, Michonne and Heath debate over Rick telling his team to leave people behind if they cannot keep up.    Glenn and Nicholas stumble among the dead and find a dead member of Nicholas’s team who was left to die.  Nicholas stabs him in the brain.  Two walkers in the pet store creates a situation in which the herd is now drawn towards Michonne and the rest of the group.

Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Even the best plans fail and to save the ones we care about, sacrifices happen.  Nicholas shoots himself in the head.  He and Glenn fall from the top of the dumpster into a crowd of walkers.  We see Glenn lying on the ground as walkers are ripping him apart.  Rick is attacked in the RV by Wolves.  One had a jar of baby food in his pocket.  Michonne and the survivors of group make it back to Alexandria.  The episode ends with Rick unable to start the RV and is surrounded by a herd of walkers.

This was a tough episode to watch.

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