Thoughts – The Walking Dead – 7×01

The episode titled “There Will Come a Day When You Won’t Be” was gruesome, brutal, and psychotic.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Negan perfectly.  twd-7x01He carried out his indoctrination
with Rick Grimes in a way that left him and The Walking Dead fans “broken”.   The deaths of two main characters was both memorable and heartbreaking.

I liked the fact that the show adopted the storyline from the comic’s issue 100 titled “Something to Fear“.  Everyone who witnessed Negan’s use of Lucille are traumatized and we should see the long-term affects as this season progresses.

The writers of AMCTV did a great job evoking strong emotional responses.  Every character going forward should have a compelling journey.  Last night we learned that no matter how long you are a character on the show, you are not safe.  Well done.

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