A Day

This day, a man’s day, to ponder the effect of past events on the present moment.  Dressed in dark colors inconspicuous as his wardrobe mimics the morning sky.  He places a finger to his mind, directing his thoughts to the decision that fate happens for a reason. The reason is requiring keen insight from the divine to decipher its riddle disguised as purpose.

He stares towards the perennial peak of a hill and recalls the feeling of disappointment at his failed ambitions dictated by the imposing expectations implanted within his childhood.  His perception, now a broken compass, misguide his spirit through the fog of unsolicited opinions.  Decisions are wavering in the gusts of a thousand voices.   Today becomes the younger twin of Yesterday both determined to clone their DNA upon Tomorrow.

Alone with his thoughts as his misery is unable to find the company it seeks to pursue the affection of the woman he has never known yet forever seen. Finding delight in the notion of interest with an undistorted persona that is his own. Relief that appearance is unimportant compared to that which resides within a blemished shell; to behold love within the unseen.

He shares his time revealing the secrets of his soul. Expressing emotional depth no one else could comprehend. His heart is bleeding poetic verses transfusing the emptiness of existence with companionship. The bittersweet taste of love confuses his senses getting his emotions twisted.

Souls entwined on the fragile plain of romance; to propose an opportunity towards commitment that he recognizes and she fails to understand. Her past she could not deny. He offered sacred vows upon a bed of enchantment. Her present she could not agree. He extended his life in exchange for her honor.

She left with words unspoken.  Misty skies dim the sunlight and darken saddened eyes. The heart now absent from the body. Heavy grief pours like torrential rain. Trailing fingers along the silhouette provided by the sudden absence.

The day becomes ordinary containing a choice to reconsider; to grieve the injustice shackled to humanity. Gripping war by the handle and strikes with irresistible force upon the once immovable object of hate. He finds himself guilty of hostilities for the sake of peace. He receives no trial for his crimes of war.

He seeks admonishment for his guilt and left with a confession upon his heart. His apologies fall silently into the void neither heard nor acknowledged. A single dove’s feather falls upon him carrying a single drop of spilled blood.

He tattoos on his skin a mark of shame; hoping to see the flames of those he loved extinguished becoming vapors in the wind. The unexpected storm carries away the souls of so many he loved, knew and connected. Standing at the sites of engraved eulogies, he grieves; not just for the loss but also for the opportunities missed.

Loneliness conceived from the womb of absence.  Life itself now a dying breed.  He grieves until the end of the falling rain; to stare into the abyss of abandoned memories. Seeing her eyes staring back at him stirring the pain in his soul. Spirits of the past ascend from the void singing songs of antagonism. Recalling the moments that provoke his anger and summon his anguish.

He decides to satisfy the spirits of torment. A sacrifice; reaching within the thorns of his body he removes his pride and lays it upon an altar of forgiveness. Letting go of all that he was and silencing his demons.

He ponders the last seven decades of his life. He studies the recollections kept logged within his cerebral diary, appraising the significance. Always learning, continuously evaluating and never mastering.

A journey of seeking purpose, finding love, gaining rejection, surviving war, cherishing losses, and receiving forgiveness. Laying down upon his experiences, watching day fade slowly towards night. He gets a gentle kiss on the lips from Serenity.  His soul nestled in the bosom of Peace.

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