Review: DeadPool vs. Thanos

Deadpool vs. Thanos, issue number one, created by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc, is the first part of a 556c7ea669df3story about rivals and their love for Mistress Death.  It opens with Deadpool introducing himself along with Thanos, to the readers, let us know that they go way back and it is due to the love they share for Chimichangas and Death.  Thanos has no idea what a Chimichanga is (or “Chim-Chim” as he calls it).

Immediately on the next page, we then see Thanos beating the crap out of Deadpool while asking, “What makes you believe you take it upon yourself to challenge a god?”  Deadpool replies, “Cojones my chin-ribbed friend, Spanish for …wooden box, I think?”   Deadpool moves between life and death with nothing but his wit and “Dirty Fury” money.

As we continue reading, we eventually learn that no one can die.  In a conversation with Black Talon, Deadpool learns that he is cursed by Thanos with immortality.  He also believes that Thanos kidnapped Mistress Death which, is preventing everyone from dying.  Deadpool, with the help of Black Talon, concocts a plan to defeat Thanos and rescue Mistress Death.

Nothing goes as planned.  Thanos beats Deadpool into a puddle of crimson ooze.  Thanos then decrees that not one living thing in the universe will die except Deadpool.  Between life and death, Deadpool finds Mistress Death buried beneath snow and ice; she pleads with him to save her because the light is dwindling.

Thanos observing their interaction learns that Mistress Death was taken captive and will only communicate with Deadpool thus finding the need to keep him alive.  He offers payment for her rescue but Deadpool refuses, deciding to do this mission for free.  The story will continue in issue number two.

I found this book to be both hilarious and entertaining in typical Deadpool fashion.  I am looking forward to the next issue.  This is definitely a “must read” title.

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