walking-in-rain-painting-wallpaper-hdA dreary Monday; the weather has mixed emotions. I find myself staring at nothing; lost in contemplation once again.   My reflection on the window glass pondering at the questions, have you ever believed in someone or something because you had to believe it? Do you hide the doubts about your beliefs because it goes against someone’s perception?

As a child, I worried about the things that waited for me under my bed; I laid there staring at the ceiling while listening to the sounds of the night.  As an adult, I found nothing residing beneath my bed; in the morning, I find nothing but the sun on my face and in the evening, there is the rain on my skin.  I believe in the actions of humanity because their goodwill touches my essence; I doubt the words of men and women plotting in the night, hoping to scare my soul into conviction.

I listen to the judgments cast upon so many who do not share a common way of thinking nor a common way of doing; these decent people who are greatly condemned and cast out.  Our world polluted by theism, politics and social circles dictating the amount of air we can breathe.   My beliefs are now grounded within these principles, “take nothing to heart and take even less for granted”.

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