Review: Supernatural -“Baby”


This is my favorite one of the season, so far.  The episode, titled “Baby”, takes place from the perspective of being inside Dean’s ’67 Impala.  The show’s writer is Robbie Thompson and creatively directed by Thomas J. Wright.

Sam and Dean take on a case, in Oregon.  Their first stop is at a roadhouse where Sam ends up in backseat with a waitress.  As they continue on the road, Sam has a dream that he and his father, John, are riding together.  The conversation ends with John telling Sam that the darkness is coming and that they are the only ones who can stop it.  Sam shares his dream with Dean and they get into a deep discussion about God.  Then, there is the scene of the Impala being taken for a joy-ride by a restaurant valet.  The best part of the episode was Dean’s fight with the deputy a.k.a “ghoulpire” and having to remove its living head off the Impala via the windshield wipers.  Dean puts its head inside the cooler chest; you can hear it grunting and rolling around.  The monsters are raising armies to take on The Darkness.  The Winchesters rescue a woman and Dean ends of up fighting for his life.  Fighting and more fighting while the Impala takes the brunt of the conflict.  Dean kills the alpha “ghoulpire” and the boys go home…eventually.

The show was classic Supernatural and I hope there are more episodes like this in the future.