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Review: The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable”

download (1)We finally get to see Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha in action.  They spent the last few episodes taking a herd of walkers on a Sunday drive and were in the background for about five episodes.

Things start with an ambush.  Daryl narrowly escapes into the woods while Sasha and Abraham lay down a lethal assault on their attackers.  I am wondering if the ones who ambushed them were the Saviors.  In the woods, Daryl comes across a couple of female scavengers acting as bait for an attack from behind.  The woods are full of burned bodies.  In town, Abraham and Sasha clear the area and make camp inside an old building.  Abraham seems obsessed with killing walkers whether they’re a threat or not.  Sasha appears to have him figured out, “Always accountable.”
tumblr_nxwymyiJLT1tgw0qvo1_500Daryl escapes his captors but returns.  He ends up helping them because someone named Wade arrives with a group of men looking for payment.  He sees one of the girls is getting an insulin shot.  Daryl lures one of the men passed a walker blending with a muddy rock.  The man is bitten in the arm and has it amputated on the spot.

Abraham finds a military vehicle containing rockets and a box of cigars.  A dead solider aka walker has a rocket launcher strapped to its back.  Abraham wrestles with it and concedes.  The walker eventually falls leaving the rocket launcher for him to retrieve.  It’s clear that Abraham has some deeply rooted issues.

Daryl and the group he helped arrive at a burned down camp.  The girl, who received the insulin shot earlier, is bitten.  Daryl, thinking the remaining others can be trusted, decides to ask “the three questions”.  As they leave, Daryl is ambushed again and ends up losing his bike and crossbow.  Later, he finds a vehicle and picks up Abraham and Sasha in town.  We see Abraham coming to terms with his inner demons.  On the road, they hear someone on the radio saying, “Help.”  This episode was fairly decent.  The new threats introduced are setting the stage for a much darker future.


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