Review: The Walking Dead “East”

“I’m going like I should have. Don’t come after me, please.”

– Carol

tumblr_o4q6wq1mkb1uxhwb1o1_500Carol’s departure is just the beginning of the end; we hear the song, “It’s All Over” by Johnny Cash.  We see the various relationships and connections both good and bad.  Everyone acting on impulses as they fear the impending attack from the Saviors.  The goodbye note is both a farewell and confessional.

Driving in one of the “spiked” Alexandria cars, Carol is ambushed by Saviors on the road.  She experiences the moral struggle of killing and pleads with them to let her go.  When they go at her, she kills them.  The concealed automatic weapon sewn in her right jacket sleeve, by the way, was simply brilliant.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-6-Episode-15-Promo-Photos_Morgan-670x670Rick and Morgan go looking for Carol; they find her car and the dead Saviors.  Rick realizes how close the Saviors are to Alexandria and that his pre-emptive strike against them did not reduce their numbers.  Morgan reminds Rick that he slaughtered them.  They discuss Rick sending Carol away back at the prison settlement; approaching a barn they find a female walker but it is not Carol.  They find a man at the barn and when Rick tries to shoot him, Morgan prevents it.  Morgan tells Rick about the Wolf he kept alive at Alexandria.  Rick confesses that Michonne took Morgan’s protein bar.

TWD_615_GP_1030_0069-RT-1200x688Daryl aggressively leaving to find Dwight and the Saviors forces Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita to go after him.  They arrive at the tracks where Dwight killed Denise; they eventually find Daryl and Glenn pleads for him to return home.  Daryl decides not to go and continues his search with Rosita going with him.  Glenn and Michonne find themselves surrounded by Dwight and his men.

Maggie gets a haircut and experiences complications with her pregnancy.  Abraham and Rick admit their fear of taking on a fight given their respective situations.  Daryl finds Glenn and Michonne but it’s a trap.  Dwight jumps Daryl and Rosita; Dwight shoots Daryl and says, “You’ll be alright.”

Everything is quickly unraveling for Rick and his group.  Everyone going through their respective emotional rollercoasters.  Alexandria’s best people are out in the field and separated leaving the community weakened in the wake of a Savior attack.

This was a great episode.  Next week, Negan arrives.  With all of the deaths caused by Rick’s group, he will be looking to settle the score.  I am very excited to watch the 90-minute season finale next Sunday.

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