hbcpZQra_400x400I can’t believe that we are in the month of July.  The year 2016 is a cluster of bad news and professional frustrations.  Nothing is what it seems.  The world is a very cruel place.  I fell into a very strong pessimistic mindset, which is tainting my views on life.

My time spent writing has diminished.  This is probably due to a lack of creativity.  Besides, no one wants to read sad-poetry every day.  Occasionally, I will post random things from the past in hopes of resurrecting the Muse.  I will always seek the opportunity to write something however, diversity of recreation is key.

I enjoy taking road trips and attending geeky conventions; I even attended WWE “Money in the Bank” last month.  These opportunities are quite costly and unsustainable.  My road trip to SoCal was a lot of fun.  Entertainment is a business and the cost of fun continues to rise exponentially.  I don’t watch television as often except for a few of my favorite shows like The Walking Dead however, I enjoy going to movies because the level of film production in this century is amazing.

There is the great social media expansion.  Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate the social landscape.  We now have other sources like Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Snapchat to engage with like-minded people.  Social media is no longer a source of entertainment for me.  In 2009, you could not get me to stay off Twitter; today, my activities are not so frequent.  I am enjoying YouTube and I am posting videos, which is purely for fun.  By the way, I am feeling very comfortable in front of the camera and that is a good thing.

As the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”  Even in the worst storms, the rain eventually subsides and the clouds will give way to clear skies.

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