avi.image.073116Earlier today, my family and I went to watch the film “Jason Bourne” at a local casino.  We arrived at the casino, parked and proceeded inside to the theater.  We took our seats and shortly afterwards the trailers began.  Suddenly, the casino’s security sergeant approached us and let us know that someone they apprehended punched and damaged our driver side rear-view mirror.  He asked whether we wanted to press charges; I said, “yes.”  He took us to our car to inspect the damage.

We went inside to the security office and I completed the necessary paperwork.  Security contacted the police.  After 2-hours, a police officer arrived and gave us a couple of options.  The police officer then went to speak with the culprit.  After a few minutes, the culprit offered to pay for the damages on the spot.

Security escorted us to retrieve the agreed upon payment.  The man who committed the offense was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, there was a deep sincerity with his tearful apology as he handed me the money; he also said he did not know why he damaged our car.  I did not press charges.  Despite having very good reasons, the police officer, repeatedly, apologized for the significant delay in his arrival.  We also received a refund for the movie because we never got the chance to see it.

I accepted the man’s apology, thanked the police officer, and especially thanked the casino security sergeant for his quick action to make sure a wrong doing did not go unanswered.  This was a day that started off badly and ended on a positive note.

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  1. I don’t know if most will agree with your actions. I applaud it. Where I grew up, which is way out in the country, there was rarely any police involvement. We policed ourselves. If damage was done in the manner you suggest, then apology given, and restitution was made, then, as long as it wasn’t a recurring event, it was settled. We called that forgiveness and we moved on. It is sad that there cannot be more of that these days.


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