Tombstone Engraving

This year continues to burden me.  I am unable to sleep at night even with the use of sleep-aids.  My job is growing more difficult to do, in fact, I dread going there.  There are several major initiatives on my plate and there are new people involved who don’t know what they are doing.  The company keeps hiring and vice presidents and promoting people into jobs that have no value.

My employee received a great opportunity with another department; I knew this was going to happen.  I must assume her responsibilities while continuing with my own projects and hire her replacement.  I came up with a way to mitigate the conundrum  Despite my best laid plans, the corporate executives decided to add another major initiative to my portfolio.

The stress level soon took its toll.  Frankly, it is another dirty job being placed in my lap.  My boss understands the implications this is having on me and my frustrations; honestly, there is nothing he can do to change things.  I shared this new dilemma with my wife.  She said, “Hopefully they’ll hire someone to do it.”  I replied, “Yeah right, put that on my tombstone.”


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