Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale


We are defined by our choices.  We are controled by our obsessions.  This season’s Fear the Walking Dead finale was good; it was an ending that characterized the changes in perspective and moral conduct in a world’s descent towards apocalyptic decay.  The laws of right and wrong become…rewritten.

tumblr_oeg8pmelp71u1fpqao1_1280As a parent, it is difficult to let go; difficult to allow your children to make their own choices that go against your beliefs.  Madison could not let go of Nick; Travis had to let go of Chris.  Letting go becomes the defining choice and the lingering obsession.  We learn that the ones we let go are the ones who need us the most.

This was an episode of transformation…Madison acknowledging her addiction to Nick, Travis abandoning his belief in humanity, Alicia becoming a leader, Nick becoming a leader, Ofelia becoming stronger, and Strand accepting his fate.  A tragic loss puts a family on the run.  The threat of death puts a community on the run.  The season finale left me with questions and the hope that the writers and creative team can capitalize on a good premise for season three.

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