Dead To Me

I filmed this video on April 24, 2017, but decided at the time to not post it because I thought that I was overthinking and overreacting.


My mom decided to come visit me and my family and made plans for the week of June 12th. We asked her who was coming with her and she said my oldest sister, who was also bringing her grandchild. We asked whether anyone else was coming along and she said she didn’t know (or she wasn’t sure).

We asked because I have a brother who is a religious dick and none of us want to see him.

Fast forward:
On June 14, 2017, my family went to the hotel to see my mom and they learned that my brother (the religious dick) was with her. She knew he was coming because he arranged the trip and accommodations.

She lied to us.

So, I am posting this video, not because I was right but because I am done.

Thanks for watching.

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