Outside the Box

There are people who recommend making yourself vulnerable.  Putting yourself “out there” is not an easy action for introverts like me.  At one time I did not believe in opening up to people; I always saw it as the tactical disadvantage.  To me, it was a way of exposing a weakness to anyone wanting to tear you down.  Fear of confrontation remains a part of who I am.

I never liked the “sticks and stones” analogy that my mother was so fond of using on me.  Words do hurt people.  Eventually, I reassessed my way of thinking.  This is a blessing and a curse.  One day, the walls started to crumble as everything inside began pouring out.  Piles of emotion suffocating those who poked and prodded.  If the lesson was for me to stand up for myself then it has come to fruition.

Those who underestimated me become the creators of their own demise.  My relatives, along the eastern shore, were hoping to keep up their mental programming over me through manipulation and lies.  They provided me the opportunity to show them the “light”.  I gave the unfiltered truth because of their devious actions.  Echoes of their flabbergast as they digested our unexpected reaction.  Now they can choke on the complete silence.

2017-02-24 17.02.25

I am stepping out of my box and I am not going back inside.


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