Summer of ’17

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Summer is nearing its end.  The moments captured were memorable in a painful kind of way.  I learned several things about life and about myself.   It was bitter-sweet and I have no regrets.   Some investments were necessary in order to gain knowledge from the experience.


The visit from my relatives could have gone a lot better than it did, mainly due to my mom not disclosing those who were going with her.   No choice but to step outside the box.  Being blood-related does not make you family just like being a patriarch does not earn you loyalty and respect – Poem: Eve.  My independence was established in 1987; they have done nothing for me since then and I owe them nothing in return.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

This comic convention was a lot of fun; we had some amazing moments.  The opportunity to see Stan Lee was the highlight of the day.  This is our local con and it has the potential to become something great.

San Diego Comic Con

This moment hurt the most.  First, we stayed at a Comfort Inn near Old Town, San Diego.  We experienced a couple of bad situations that were bookends to a not so great comic con experience.  My comic con experience was, well, disappointing.  It wasn’t all bad; I enjoyed some of the panels, doing cosplay, and eating at Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers.


From May through July, we watched four films…I think.  These were on my list of “must-see” and ranked from best to good:

  1. Spiderman: Homecoming
  2. Guardian of the Galaxy 2
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


As we are now entering the month of August, I have nothing planned.   NFL Preseason Football season is starting this week.  Netflix is showing “The Defenders on August 18, 2017; this is a nice binge watching for me during my planned 3-day weekend.  I am working on a new project that is nothing more than a “creative outlet” for my dumb ideas.  There is a total solar eclipse happening on August 21st (my 49th birthday); I think I would like to observe it.

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