I haven’t slept much lately; my body wants a break but my mind keeps on working.  A lot of thoughts about everything; a lot of problems without solving anything. My plans derailed and I’ve been complacent.  Days are rolling by without purpose.  Soul-searching is a lost art.  Death is knocking on everyone’s door.

I’m approaching the end of another pattern.  A year ago, the encumbering monotony pressed me towards the void.  A second chance to reset things.  My hope to find a new path became fleeting and I broke my compass.  Happiness is a state of mind; my mind is too busy to accept that premise.  Death continues knocking at the door.

I often wonder about the events of this year.  Is this the beginning of the end?  Time will tell.  However, I still have a chance at life.  My opportunities to do the things I was told I couldn’t do.  Boiling down tradition and modern complexities into a simple premise.