The Mother’s Day Experience

I sent my mother a text, “Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday” last night. Her response this morning at 6:15a.m., “Thank you very much.” Then she sent, “I am not getting any younger, and I would like to get some pictures of you some time or maybe a phone call. I love you and don’t like being cut out of your life.” I did not respond because I was not feeding into her savvy guilt trip so early in the morning.

Around 10:40 a.m., the Las Vegas police knocked on my front door. The officer asked if I was “David,” and I confirmed. He told me that my mother, who lives in Maryland, was worried about me because she hadn’t heard from me. I was surprised by this. I told the officer that we messaged each other, and I apologized to him. He said that I should give my mother a call.

Yeah, I called my mother and told her to never do that again. I was angry and hurt that she would pull something like that—a manipulative woman who took things too far.


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