Walking on Air

The other night, I dreamed that I was on the rooftop of a skyscraper office building. I was looking across the sky toward another building to see a man, business casual dressed, walking along a tight-rope while connected to a safety line. There was another building behind me.

The tight-rope man decided to step off the tight-rope and free-fall. I watched him pretend he was walking on air and having a good time. I was scared to death for his safety. I turned around and saw the building behind me was gone; nothing but clouds behind me.

When I looked to find the tight-rope man, he was running up a new and thicker tight-rope while pulling a person on a bicycle behind him. The rope they were on extended up and beyond the clouds. As they were moving upward, a Boeing 747 airplane descended toward them. They kept moving, over the wing, and disappearing behind the clouds. The plane came to a did stop, mid-air, on the tight-rope facing me.

I got scared and wanted to get off the roof. I was afraid to disconnect myself from my safety harness. Someone helped me, and we made our way inside the building. We approached an elevator, and I needed to get to the first floor. The person with me wanted to take a tour of our location. We got on the elevator; there were others inside. We had to stop the elevator because someone needed to push the button for the first floor. I explained to the passengers the reason for stopping it, and the elevator resumed.

At that point, I woke up perplexed; it felt real.