Buried Alive

As a kid, my father was an imposing figure couple that with his hot-headedness, and he instilled overwhelming fear. My parents divorced each other years ago; some of my siblings took sides. My father has spent years following the divorce living in regret. Those who sided with my mother have worked to exact vengeance on her behalf.

My father became ill, well, again. He’s been guilty of not taking care of himself. He is in the hospital recovering from a blood transfusion and monitored due to having blood on his brain; life or death hangs in the balance for him. While this is happening, there are those in my family who work to bury him alive. He is trusting of his kids, and this trust has led to some dastardly deeds wiping him out financially.

Whatever went on between my father and my mother is between them. The divorce settlement reckoned judgment and execution for both sides. Those in my family who profess to “have Jesus” are some evil people. If the things that I learned are true then people will have to account for their actions.

My father is going to die, and his life shouldn’t end this way.