February 13, 2022

I spent the week facilitating another new hire training class. Mid-week, someone decided to schedule me for an interview session with a candidate 30-minutes before my class started. On Thursday, I was asked at the last minute to participate in the company’s 5th-anniversary celebration that day by sharing my thoughts on a random word selected for me.

I decided to cancel my interview for a role with another start-up as I feel it is another lousy variation of my job.

The VP of Finance was still renegotiating the LMS contract, asking for more concessions. I feel the vendor isn’t going to want to do business with us if she keeps this up.

Today, I completed my tax return filing with the IRS. My plan was to use the refund to have dental work done on my cracked tooth and abscess. My out-of-pocket cost is over $1,000; today, I learned that my 2021 refund is $28.00. I guess the bright side is I don’t owe the IRS money.

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